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Support Expectant + New Parents in the Bay Area

The Natural Resources COMMUNITY CARE WISHLIST CAMPAIGN provides local organizations with essential (or even fun) pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and parenting items to be given to the expectant and new parents they serve.

Similar to an Amazon wishlist, you'll purchase items from Natural Resources to be donated to the organizations. Unlike fulfilling an Amazon wishlist, you will also be supporting a small, local, women-led non-profit organization with every purchase.

CURRENT CAMPAIGN: Purchase Baby Carriers for Birth Companions Community Center

If your community can benefit from having a wishlist with us and you want to be considered as a supported organization, please apply today!

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About Play It Forward

San Francisco is filled with people and organizations doing important work. There are times when those folx could benefit from the pregnancy, birth and parenting items on Natural Resources’ shelves. PLAY IT FORWARD connects organizations who need these items with people who want to donate them, via Natural Resources. 

So: pick a cause you want to support, and get them some needed supplies! Thank you!!!

Natural Resources, a nonprofit that supports families through classes, community and safe products, wants to make it easy for all of us to support orgs doing meaningful work in SF. To help, purchase the items which have been requested. We will coordinate delivery to them directly. Your purchases support both Natural Resources (rather than a big box store or Amazon) and the organization the items are being donated to. 


Diaper drive for the Homeless Prenatal Program in partnership with EarthBaby Compostable Diaper Service

61 lactation kits for participants of SisterWeb and Prenatal Yoga Project, in Support of Black Breastfeeding Week. Read more

Childcare items at YKids Popup, which provides childcare for essential workers in SF

Birth and pregnancy items for the Prenatal Yoga Project, a yoga and mindfulness project for BIPOC pregnant people

150 prenatal and 150 lactation bundles to Black and Pacific Islander birthing people in San Francisco In partnership with the Abundant Birth Project

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past! 

Do you know an organization that needs pregnancy or baby supplies?

We'd love to add them to Play It Forward. Reach out to us at