Community Corner!


Support an NR Family

A family in the NR community needs support after an incident of senseless violence
Jimmie and Marco were home with their two babies, preparing to sit down for dinner when shots were fired into their home. A bullet hit Marco in the face while he was holding their 5-week old baby. 
A GoFundMe campaign has been set up to cover medical care and an endless list of unknown expenses to come. Please consider making a contribution to help this family through this difficult time.



Seeking Couples to Volunteer! Get a $150 gift card 

Natural Resources is working on a new type of project! We’re looking for volunteers local to the Bay Area to be guided by one of our facilitators, while being recorded on video, through a series of journaling and sharing prompts with your partner. All expecting and new parents welcome. 

The process would take about 1-2 hours and could be done in your home or at a location around Oakland, depending on your preference. The facilitator is vaccinated, will be tested for COVID for the taping, and safety measures will be taken, but you’d have to be comfortable with having masks off for the shoot and your process being used in a public course. 

The facilitator and NR are offering a $150 gift card for your time that can be used for any retail items, classes, or services at NR. If you’re interested please contact us at and we’ll connect you with the facilitator for more details. The recording is scheduled to happen in November and there is flexibility with dates and times.