Symphony Breast Pump Contract & Waiver

Pump Rental Terms
  1. Renter will be charged on the basis of the rental term selected at time of booking.
  2. There is no refund, partial refund or store credit offered for a breast pump returned early. 
  3. Upon pick up, a credit card number will be taken for our records, which may be charged for (i) the repair or replacement of any items that are returned damaged or not returned as required, (ii) cleaning items that are not cleaned properly before returned, (iii) an approved extension of the rental under Section 4 below, or (iv) late fees as listed in Section 5 below.
  4. Renter may renew a breast pump by contacting Natural Resources via our online Breast Pump Renewal Request Form.
  5. Natural Resources reserves the right to assess a late fee of up to $5.00 per day for every day that the pump is late.  Fee will be charged to card on file.

In addition to the above, Renter agrees to the following conditions:

  1. To return the breast pump in the same condition as received.  Renter agrees to pay a cleaning fee of $25 for a soiled breast pump, case, or accessories.
  2. The breast pump will remain the property of Natural Resources, San Francisco, California. The renter shall have no right, title, or interest in the breast pump, except set forth in this agreement
  3. Renter shall provide Natural Resources with a valid credit card number for the duration of the rental, and authorizes Natural Resources to charge that credit card as set forth in this Agreement. To immediately inform Natural Resources of any changes to the credit card account used to secure this agreement. 
  4. Renter shall accept full responsibility for the proper use and return of the breast pump, case, contents and accessories.
  5. Renter will not allow breast pump to be used by any other person.
  6. Renter must notify Natural Resources within 2 days of receipt of breast pump if damage is noted. Otherwise breast pump will be assumed delivered in good condition.
  7. Renter shall handle the breast pump with the utmost care and pay the current list price for damaged and/or missing pumps, parts or accessories.
  8. Natural Resources assumes no responsibility for any damage to the renter or breast pump if any kit other than the Symphony/Lactina System is used for milk collection.
  9. Natural Resources is not recommending or advising use of the breast pump for Renter’s or anyone else’s use. Renter should consult a doctor or other medical professional for all medical recommendations and advice, including use of the breast pump. 
  10. By renting the breast pump, Renter, with all necessary information and understanding, knowingly, voluntarily, and fully assumes all risks, known and unknown, associated with renting and/or using the rented items.
  11. Renter, on behalf of themselves and their successors, assigns, and heirs, hereby agrees to release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Natural Resources, including its officers, agents, employees, directors, trustees, affiliates, and persons or entities acting on their behalf, from any and all claims, damages, responsibility, or liability (including reasonable attorneys’ fees), including claims by third parties, arising from or related to Renter’s rental and/or use of the , including, but not limited to, maternal complications, infant mortality or morbidity, or injury to any or all persons in connection with the use of the breast pump that may occur before, during, and/or after labor and/or birth, as well as any damage or injury to property occasioned by the use of the breast pump or while the breast pump is being rented by Renter.
  1. This agreement shall automatically terminate upon written notice by the renter or Natural Resources. Upon such notice, the renter shall have two (2) business days in which to return the breast pump to Natural Resources and pay account in full.
  2. Renter agrees to pay all fees, including collection and court costs, if this agreement is not fulfilled and/or renter fails to return the breast pump as set forth herein and/or pay contract in full.
  3. If renter fails to return the breast pump, Natural Resources will charge renter's credit card on file for the current suggested retail price for the breast pump rented.


By signing below, I agree that the information provided is true and accurate and that I accept responsibility for the whereabouts of the equipment rented as well as the charges to my credit card. I understand that no refunds will be granted for pumps returned prior term. Also, there are no refunds for personal hygienic products (e.g.  pumping kits, pump accessories, purchase breast pumps etc.). All sales are final.