BabyBelly Groin Band
BabyBelly Groin Band
BabyBelly Groin Band

BabyBelly Groin Band



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Award-Winning Babybellyband Compression Therapy Groin Bands velcro attach to the Babybellyband Maternity Belts  (sold separately). The adjustable, removable groin bands provide immediate relief for pelvic pain from pregnancy. Upward and inward compression support is provided by each groin band. This action can lessen vulvar varicosity swelling, support the pubic area and compress prolapse/hernia protrusions or bulges.

Pelvic Straps Provide What You Need:

  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF from Pelvic Pressure, Pain and Feeling of Heaviness
  • NATURAL HEALING TREATMENT for pregnancy pelvic pain is recommended by doctors, midwives, doulas, and physical therapists!
  • PROVEN SUCCESS for PELVIC PAIN RELIEF: We carefully designed and tested these pelvic groin straps approved by doctors, midwives, and PT’s. They have healing results. You can rely on our products and us, we guarantee them!

94% of users reported pain relief
75% were able to return to normal activity

Unique Features Create the Best Pelvic Supporter:

  • EASY TO WEAR and put on. Lifting your leg to step into garments can be painful, our sling easily attaches with Velcro.
  • ADJUSTABLE Customize-able compression support from MILD to HIGH
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT of each groin band allows you to move and place them in your area of need and support.
  • SPECIALIZED FABRIC: Super soft, breathable neoprene with cooling outer fabric (LATEX-FREE), designed to keep shape and stretch, while providing excellent support and comfort.
  • PERFECT WIDTH WITHOUT BULK: 2” Width specifically tried and tested coverage, with proven results
  • NO BINDING, STIFF EDGES: Smooth and soft for delicate skin
  • REMOVABLE: Healing can happen and you no longer need the groin bands, remove and just wear the maternity-abdominal belt
  • EASY CARE: Durable and Machine washable-low tumble dry
  • MADE IN THE USA: We care about quality and supporting our workforce