Daddy & Dada

Daddy & Dada



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Written by Ryan Brockington and Isaac Webster and illustrated by Lauren May

Families can come in all shapes and sizes, and this heartwarming picture book affirms that no matter what your family looks like, love is the most important part!

Hi, I'm Rumi.
Some of my friends have one mom and one dad.
Some have one mom or one dad.
I have two dads. Daddy and Dada.
Daddy sings songs with me. Dada reads me stories.
Every family is different.
And that's pretty cool.

This sweet, open-hearted book began as a love letter from authors Ryan Brockington and Isaac Webster to their daughter--and became a joyous celebration of love, family, and acceptance for all to read and share.

Ryan Brockington and Isaac Webster met in 2007, married in 2013, and became dads in 2016. As their family became larger, they quickly realized stories like theirs weren't being shared as much as they would hope, and so they set out to create a new world of stories, celebrating all families.

Lauren May has spent most of her life in New England doing exciting things, which include drinking tea and wearing sweaters. She loves to draw almost as much as she loves her family. When not illustrating, she enjoys spending time with her husband, dog, and many, many plants.


Target Age: 4-7

Pages: 32

Published: 2021