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Picture showing one of each of the Eco-Kids EcoDough Cookie Cutter tools against a white surface
Picture of some flattened blue play dough on a white surface, surrounded by the Eco-kids Ecodough Cookie Cutter Tools. The dough has a star shape cut out from it from the star cookie cutter. The star cookie cutter still has blue dough in the star shape filling up the cutter. There is also a textured line across the dough from the cutting wheel tool.
Picture of some flattened blue play dough on a white surface, with a textured line across it from the cutting wheel tool, which is lying on top of the dough. The star cutter and heart cutter are on the surface above the dough.

Eco Dough Cookie Cutters


Eco Kids

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Our kid-safe eco-dough tools have no harmful sharp edges, but cut through dough with ease. Make star and heart shaped “cookies,” or use the cutting wheel to create free-form shapes. Inspire your child’s imagination while improving fine motor skills. No plastic parts, cleans with warm sudsy water.

Physical Description:

The tools have a light colored wooden handle with a metal attachment - a ridged outline of a star or a heart, or a ridged wheel that can be run along the surface like a pizza cutter.