Estate Planning Fundamentals for Parents: Virtual

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Patricia De Fonte


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  • During this fun and informative workshop, parents will learn why they need a personalized estate plan to care for themselves and their children should the unfortunate happen. Minor children do not have the legal capacity to inherit. With a personalized trust, parents decide when their children receive their inheritance- at specific ages, for specific reasons, and with specified limitations.

    Throughout this workshop you will cover:

    -How a customized guardianship nomination can provide potential guardians with a roadmap to your vision for your children’s future.
    -Why everyone over the age of eighteen needs an advanced health care directive and durable power of attorney.
    -How to control the circumstances in which your children receive their inheritance.
    -The difference between a will and a trust.
    -How to create an estate with life insurance.
    -What happens when someone dies without an estate plan.

    Please note:

    -Children are always welcome. However, if your child will understand that we are discussing death then it is your call in whether to bring the child.
    -Facilitators are professionals who may have their own private practice. They may use their discretion to determine whether an additional fee is needed when their expertise is solicited outside of class.

Customer Reviews

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Bianca S.
Informative and Concise

Patricia's workshop was a great introduction to the high-level things parents need to know when considering creating an estate plan. My husband and I found it informative and useful, and ultimately decided to proceed with creating an estate plan to protect our growing family. Would highly recommend for those considering the need for instruments like trusts, advanced health care directives, etc. I particularly loved that Patricia continually emphasized that estate planning is for everyone -- not just those who are wealthy!

Liked all of it

Knowledge on benefits of a trust and what it is i feel like i have a contact and access to a large network

Vanessa B

I liked the breakdown she gave of the three key things - your self, your kid(s), and your stuff. It gave us a general idea of what we should be working on / working towards and while it does feel kind of overwhelming, I'm glad I know more. Liked hearing her take on what's important and why, as well as anecdotes from her family / her experiences with clients was great.