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Herbal Perineal Spray
Herbal Perineal Spray
Herbal Perineal Spray

Herbal Perineal Spray


Earth Mama Organics

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Each soothing, touch-free spritz serves up temporary symptomatic relief. The herbal mist dispenses with an upside-down sprayer, making it easy to access those hard-to-reach places, especially with a baby bump.

Here’s what’s in there, and why:

  • Cucumber extract – soothing, helps reduce swelling
  • Organic witch hazel – also helps reduce swelling, with proven anti-inflammatory properties
  • Lavender essential oil – calms the skin to reduce itchiness, with properties that may offer a mild anti-bacterial effect
  • Peppermint essential oil – offers symptomatic relief with cooling comfort

Use Herbal Perineal Spray any time you need a quick mist of herbal relief. Like after you pee.

Pack it in your birth bag and take it with your peri bottle for those first post childbirth bathroom trips. Mist as often as needed, especially after bath or toilet use. Store in the refrigerator for extra cooling. For external use.