International Birth Doula Certification Application

International Birth Doula Certification Application


Natural Resources: Pregnancy + Parenting

Please note: Purchase this application AFTER you have completed all necessary paperwork, within 2 years of your Natural Resources Birth Doula Training.

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In order to officially complete The Natural Resources All Families Foundation International  Birth Doula Certification Program, you will need to purchase this application. 

You will receive an email with a link to the submission portal, through which, you will upload copies of the completed paperwork from your Certification Packet (please refer to the packet you received during your Natural Resources training). Following submission, our team will review your application, and finally email your official certificate. 


  • Utilize the Certification Packet provided to you at the time of your Natural Resources training.
  • Once you have completed all the requirements purchase this application to gain access to the submission portal
  • Submit requirements
  • The application will be reviewed 
  • Your certificate will be provided

Re-certification is required every 5 years.