Life Insurance - The Basics: Virtual

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Carly Ebenstein


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  • As a life insurance broker of over 25 years, Carly often finds herself answering some common questions with parents. So, during this fun and informative workshop, parents will have the opportunity to learn some ins-n-outs of insurance. And have many questions answered upfront to ensure each family makes the best decisions for their unique needs and circumstance.

    Throughout this workshop you will cover:

    -What's the difference between the different types of life insurance?
    - When should I consider getting life insurance?
    - Should I still think about getting life insurance if I get it through my work?
    - Is there a difference between working with a broker or just going online?
    - What are the different types of brokers?
    - What should I expect from working with a life insurance broker and applying for coverage?
    - Once I have life insurance, do I just set it and forget it?

    Please note:

    --Children are always welcome. However, if your child will understand that we are discussing sensitive information or death, this may be difficult for them..
    -As the Facilitator, please note that I am a licensed professional who has my own private practice. My goal is not self-promotion, but rather, education and awareness. I personally know that it takes a village to raise a family.

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