Pull-Along Snail
Pull-Along Snail

Pull-Along Snail



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This sweet wooden snail moves up and down as children pull it along the floor. Promotes the development of coordination, imagination, and gross motor skills.

For ages 12m+

PlanToys makes sustainable-produced wooden toys that are designed to support children's development by promoting the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, coordination, concentration, imagination, memory, logic/cause & effect, as well as providing visual, auditory, and/or tactile stimulation.

Manufactured in Thailand using natural rubber wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex after 25 years. PlanToys upcycles the rubber wood to save the trees from being burned.

Additionally, pesticides are rarely used in rubber wood production because the trees are not generally targets of infestations. They use non-formaldehyde glue that is certified E-Zero formaldehyde free glue and apply only organic color pigment and water-based dyes for all the products. Which is safer than chemical dyes which contain lead or any other heavy metals. This make it safe for children and environmentally friendly.