Silk Wrist Streamers Pair
Silk Wrist Streamers Pair
Silk Wrist Streamers Pair
Silk Wrist Streamers Pair

Silk Wrist Streamers Pair


Sarah's Silks

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Wrist Streamers come as a pair of two and encourage your child to play actively, increase their quality of movement, and make them want to dance! Some pretend play ideas include waving in the wind, soaring through the air, dancing, and so much more!

  • Open-ended play with Wrist Streamers allows children to express their imagination and supports their independence.
  • Nourishing the body with Wrist Streamers adds movement into the play of the child, developing their coordination, proprioception, and gross motor skills.
  • Growing with the child sets our Wrist Streamers apart from any other toy, allowing for a limitless range of play possibilities, and years of lasting play value.
  • Features Mini Playsilks secured to wrist scrunchies, can also be worn higher at the elbow. The Mini Playsilks are 21" x 21" squares

Pair with our capes, wings, skirts, and garlands for full effect! Perfect for fairy tale, mermaid, ballerina, or superhero play and so much more.

Made in California, USA

Silk toys are made from 100% pure mulberry silk. Gentle on Mother Earth, silk is a natural fiber that breaks down easily and returns to the soil, replenishing and nourishing Mother Earth.

For children ages 3-8, but fits children and adults of all ages!