Sitz Bath Kit

Sitz Bath Kit


Precious Arrows

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Provide soothing perineal and/or rectal relief and hygiene for postpartum, episiotomy, hemorrhoids, and other conditions affecting the vaginal and/or anal areas.

Fits over toilet or commode. Vents in the bowl prevent accidental overflow.

Includes plastic basin, solution bag, and tubing. Color varies.

To use, place basin over toilet seat with the 3 vents towards the back. Fill basin with warm or cold water or soaking solution (such as Herb Lore Postpartum Sitz Bath or Earth Mama Herbal Sitz Bath). Add enough liquid to cover the perineal area. Don't overfill! Your bits will take up most of the space :)  But if you do, the extra will just overflow into the toilet, it's ok!

Close the clip on the tubing to prevent the liquid from flowing out, and fill the solution bag with the remaining water or liquid.  The tubing goes through the hole on the front of the basin. Press it down into the clip on the bottom of the basin to hold it in place.

Hang the solution bag from a towel hook or shower rod.  The liquid in the sitz bath will cool down (or warm up, depending if you are doing a warm or cool soak) quickly when you are soaking in it.  Open the clip to let more liquid flow into the basin, and close it when you reach a comfortable temperature again.

The liquid in the bag needs to be quite a bit more hot or cold than the desired comfortable temperature in the basin, otherwise it won't change the temperature much. Just like when you take a long bath & want to top off the water to keep it warm - you add hot water, not warm. Just make sure it is not scalding.