Upcycled Rubber Placemat - Sand
Upcycled Rubber Placemat - Sand
Upcycled Rubber Placemat - Sand

Upcycled Rubber Placemat - Sand



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The HEVEA plastic-free natural rubber placemat allows children to eat as playfully as they like, totally free from any kind of silicone, plastics or any other petrochemicals that might sneak into plastic products, making mealtimes as safe as can be. 

Made with natural, high quality upcycled rubber from our manufacturing process and using plant-based pigments, each purchase contributes to a cleaner planet by reducing waste and plastic. With raised edges to keep any spills and splashes confined and no leaching of pigments, our placemats are embossed with animals to make meals even more fun – if only we could help with the mess…

SAFE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. When using your HEVEA placemat, you can rest assured that no microplastics are washed out into the water. The HEVEA placemats are free from triclosan, chemicals, PVC, BPA and phthalates.

  • Made of upcycled, natural rubber
  • Upcycled rubber colored with FDA approved dye
  • Raised edges and an attractive surface illustration
  • 4 suction pads on the back to keep placemat in place
  • Size: 35x22cm / 13x8.5 inches - fits most high chair trays
  • Soft colours that do not leach unto surfaces
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Raised edges and a tactile animal illustration
  • European PAHs compliant
  • Naturally free from BPA, phthalates, PVC, petroleum, and heavy metals
  • Lightweight – great for travelling
  • Perfect for infants from 4 months to kids up to 3-4 years of age

The Upcycled natural rubber used in making these mats is obtained from cutouts and leftover materials from our natural rubber production process. As a brand, we take it upon ourselves to limit waste thrown into the environment by putting it to good use. Hence, we prove our concern for the safety of the planet true and functional.