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When Your Baby Won't Stop Crying

When Your Baby Won't Stop Crying



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When Your Baby Won't Stop Crying: A Parent's Guide to Colic

By Tonja Krautter

One million babies born in the U.S. each year suffer from colic, and yet until now, colic has been only a footnote in baby care books. Defined as constant, unpredictable and inconsolable crying, parents dealing with colic are desperate for solutions.

Now there's help. Mental health professional Tonja Krautter, having been through the ordeal of raising a baby with colic, offers parents a complete blueprint for coping, including:

  • how to determine what may be causing your baby's colic
  • successful strategies for soothing the baby, and what to do when you can't
  • dealing with the emotional impact of colic on the rest of the family
  • hope for getting to the other side of the colic experience


Pages: 240

Published: 2006