Communication with Child Classes (Virtual)

Explore our communication with child classes and workshops below! Learn how to talk to your infant, explore your baby's body language, and deal with temper tantrums like a pro! Our workshops teach you to read your newborn's hunger cues, sleep cues, and other crying cues. If you're interested in infant potty training and/or going diaper-free, you will enjoy our elimination communication classes. If you have a baby with hearing loss or are simply curious about American sign language for infants, you will like our infant sign language classes. But parental communication goes beyond the basic needs: we help you understand the psychology of your infant or toddler and learn how to discipline without yelling, shaming, or other forms of violence.

Note: The following are our current online classes (held through live video chat). For a list of in-person classes (in the Bay Area, California), click here. Some in-person classes might be offered virtually in the future, so feel free to bookmark this page and check back in later!