Childbirth Prep Intensive 2-day: In-Person

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Please note: Masks & proof of vaccine is required for this in-person class. You will receive an email with a secure Google Form requesting submission of vaccine proof 2 days prior to your course.


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    We strongly recommend that you complete your prenatal education no later than your 36th week of pregnancy. Starting this course between weeks 28-32 will allow you time to comfortably integrate the content into your birth preparation and further explore topics that spark your interest.

    Note: Many classes fill up quickly! The earlier you register, the more options and flexibility you'll have regarding class dates and times.

    More than just a condensed version of our 6-week class, the 2-day intensive outlines the labor process and uses it as a guide for experiential learning while catering to parents who may not be able to meet for six consecutive weeks. Our intensive meets two times, rather than once, in order to give you time to absorb the information, come back with questions and create more lasting relationships with other parents. We also allow for some flexibility in the curriculum to better engage parents at their level of knowledge and interest in the given topics.

    This course educates parents so they are able to make informed decisions around the birth of their child and maintain comfort during labor and birth. We draw from a variety of preparation methods to give a holistic and well-rounded approach. Parents get to experience what works best for them. While many of the pregnant people taking this class will go on to have unmedicated births, our real focus is on "normal" or physiologic birth. We define "normal birth" as birth with confidence and joy, rather than with fear guiding decisions or actions. Our goal is to create a nonjudgmental and safe environment where everyone feels welcome and can participate.

    Aside from educating pregnant people and their partners on the physiology, hormones and emotions of birth, we practice a variety of comfort and relaxation techniques and positions which enhance the progression of labor. Our 11 hours of class time includes:

    -Discussion of informed choice
    -Common interventions
    -Pain relief options (pharmacological and non pharmacological)
    -Hospital and home birth options.

    Please Note:

    -The “Details” tab holds specific information regarding each session in this series.
    -The course fee includes a supplemental digital booklet filled with supporting information and resources.
    -The registration fee includes a support person.
    -This class is intended for pregnant people. If you are not pregnant or you are interested in attending as a professional please contact us at for more information.

    IMPORTANT IN-PERSON POLICY: If health and safety concerns warrant it (uptick in COVID-19 infection, poor air quality due to wild fires, etc) all in-person classes may be moved to a virtual format. Refunds and rescheduling, would not be offered in these circumstances. By signing up for in-person classes you are agreeing to this stipulation. We reserve the right to make this change at our discretion


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