Nurturing the Family

Nurturing the Family


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Nurturing the Family: A Doula's Guide to Supporting New Parents, 2nd Edition

By Jacqueline Kelleher

Required reading for our Postpartum Doula Training.

A new edition for the changing landscape of new parenting. As society changes, so do the ways in which we define family. As fewer and fewer families live communally and traditional means of support become less viable, many parents are left feeling isolated and unsupported. As families evolve, their needs and the responsibilities of those who support them have to be reimagined.

Jacqueline Kelleher’s second edition of Nurturing the Family is designed to identify the needs of growing families and provide tangible solutions and strategies for the people who serve them. The needs of families and the profession of doula support have evolved in the years since the first edition. This book reflects those changes and is for doulas, supporting professionals, and everyone else committed to supporting a diversity of families with sensitivity and compassion.


Pages: 233

Published: 2019