Birth Doula Core Training: Hybrid


Michelle Welborn

Please note: N95 mask or KN95 mask is required during the course of the in person sessions. Please also bring paper or digital proof of your COVID-19 vaccination + booster record to the first session.


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  • The Natural Resources Birth Doula Core Training is the most comprehensive in the Bay Area and includes ongoing community support and Natural Resources professional perks

    IMPORTANT: Sessions listed on the following dates will be held in person at Natural Resources - Thursday, March 3; Thursday, March 24; Tuesday, April 12, and Thursday, April 14. All other sessions will be held via Zoom.

    During labor, a birth doula may offer suggestions of comfort measures and positions using their knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, emotions, and hormones of labor to facilitate a smooth labor. A birth doula remains with the laboring person throughout their labor and birth continuously. Research shows that continuous labor support reduces a person's likelihood of having pain medication, increases their satisfaction with their birth and their chances of a spontaneous vaginal birth. Birth doulas work in all birth settings.

    Our training is 37 hours of engaging instruction that prepare you for working in the role of birth doula. You will receive an informative training binder, local resources for volunteer opportunities, and the option of certification after completing additional hands-on training.

    Please Note:

    -Any in person session may be moved to Zoom pending COVID cases.
    -Michelle is an active midwife and may be called to attend a birth during a scheduled session. Please hold the following dates in the event one of your sessions needs to be rescheduled: April 19, April 21, and April 28.
    -Course content is outlined in the Details tab.
    -Sessions scheduled on Thursday are Core Training Sessions while Tuesday sessions are Supplemental Topics.
    -Payment details are outlined in the Details tab.
    -Click here for the Birth Doula Certification Requirements.