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She's knowledgeable, enthusiastic and so supportive!


Love being with Mikka

Mikka has been a big part of my whole experience of motherhood so far. I'm so glad I’ve had her support, advice and positive energy around through all this. If you are pregnant, about to give birth, have given birth at some point, or if you are just in need of a really good massage, Mikka is your person!

I love working with Mikka

I had (and still have) the pleasure to work with Mikka as my postpartum doula, prenatal yoga teacher, and now as our [bodyworker] for what I call 'stressed out parent massages'. I can't recommend her enough to every mama out there in need of a knowledgeable, supportive and motivating doula and giving amazing massages.


Highly recommend

Mikka has the ability to help you harness your own inner strength and use it in a way you may have never thought of. She helped me to face certain mental hurdles and gave me specific tools and meditations that I still use and call back to. I was so thankful for my time with Mikka and highly recommend bringing her into your world!

Great class

The midwife told me after that it's likely I would have had to get a C section had I not been so active during my pregnancy and in touch with my body. So, thank you for the many weeks of wonderful prenatal yoga classes that got me ready! Also, I thought you'd like to hear that I labored and pushed for quite a while in "juicy hips" :)

Sarah B.

Exactly what I needed

Thank you for your yoga classes during my pregnancy! We had the beautiful unmedicated birth of our dreams in no small way thanks to the flexibility, strength, and mental training I gained from your yoga classes. Thank you for all the ways your classes helped to prepare me.


Thank you!

THANK YOU for preparing me so well for labor and delivery (and motherhood more broadly). I had an emergency C-section and was really afraid for the recovery period, but thanks to the strength I achieved in your prenatal yoga classes, I recovered pretty quickly. I really do feel an overall sense of calm and gratitude from yoga that I did not feel before


SO helpful!

Mikka is knowledgeable, compassionate and confident on ways to prepare our body, heart and mind for the days leading up to giving birth and during labor.

Great Class!

Thank you for teaching such an awesome prenatal yoga class! I ended up using a lot of the mantra and breath work from your yoga class during labor

Highlight of my week!

Doing yoga with Mikka has been one of the highlights of my week! She is fun, caring, and so genuine with everyone in her classes. And she always makes the effort to check in with everyone, ask what they need, and tailors the material to fit their needs. Mikka's classes feel like more than just doing yoga--they are also an opportunity to connect, feel seen and heard, and even to laugh

Infant Massage Series: Virtual
Peri H
Techniques and tips

Kari is a great source of knowledge and I enjoyed hearing from her tips and her personal experience as a mother throughout the class. The class was well organized and delivered on a virtual platform.

Baby Wearing Basics: Virtual
Benefits of baby wearing

Liked the demos. Offering this class on a weekend would be great because it was a little hard to balance with work schedule

Spinning Babies® Parent Class: Virtual
Confidence and empowerment in my birth

Liked learning the specific moves for the different levels. I just wish it could have been in person but that’s COVID..

Infant and Child CPR & Safety - Virtual
Attendee of Infant/Child CPR & Safety
So good to learn what to do if my child was choking

Instructor was great. 3 hours over Zoom was exhausting. Hard to know how to condense the information from in-person but a break in between would be good.

Baby Sleep Solutions (0-4 months): Virtual
Genny S.
Low cry sleep "training/teaching" method

Liked Sarah's interaction with the students/her ability to relate the specific tips to specific parents based on what they said about their babies' habits

Babyproofing Your Relationship - Essential Prep for Expecting Parents: Virtual
Communication and understanding

We really enjoyed it and felt it gave us a lot of concepts and ideas to consider and incorporate in our relationship as we move forward with starting our family.

Easy to clean and baby loves playing with her new toy. She’s starting to teeth so I pop it I. The freezer in a ziplock bag so it’s nice and cold but she enjoys it without doing that extra step. The ridges really help her out right now that she feels the need to chew on something.

Easy to clean and baby was able to easily get food out of the containers. Great buy.

Feeling more comfortable interesting foods

I loved the specific tips on specific foods! Especially learned about Iron and fish / omega 3s.

Introducing Solids & Raising a Healthy Eater: In Person
Attendee of Introducing Solids & Raising a Healthy Eater
Focused time to think about the topic and reassurance from an expert

Nice to be in person!

Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding Class: In-Person
Attendee of Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding Class
It was so comprehensive and useful.

I feel so much more informed and confident now! Loved learning breastfeeding positions. So helpful!

Childbirth Prep Intensive 3-day: In-Person
Attendee of Childbirth Prep Intensive
general understanding of the process and more confidence approaching birth

The facilitator was great and did a good job of fostering a welcoming space. She got through all the material and was able to answer everyone’s questions appropriately. The timing for the course felt good and I came away feeling a lot more confident and informed about the birth process.

I learned a lot about what to expect during birth, how to make decision and how to prepare myself...

The exercises given are essential to preparing for the birth. The knowledge and support I got have been extremely helpful.

Knowledge, support

Very helpful

Entertainment and enrichment for my baby

These classes were great and I plan to continue! My baby is always so engaged and entertained